Run Commuting


After watching TheFruitarian’s video on running to work (alright he runs 15 miles EACH WAY through Central Park in New York) I have been inspired to dump my Oyster Card and start running to the office.  The first part of my commute is a 30 minute train journey which is unavoidable and is the main component of my commuting costs.

However once I’m deposited at Kings Cross station I have a nice 3 mile stretch to my office, so I thought I’d make a start at running both ways now that the weather is cheering up a bit.  I’ve read several blogs and sites out there about run commuting and some of the practicalities.

So this is my plan:

  • In the morning I’ll come in with running kit and a small rucksack loaded with fresh underwear, a shirt (in my ShirtShuttle) and tie and a few odds and ends like my pass and wallet.
  • Upon arriving at work I can use the shower there to get cleaned up and I’m storing two suits, a pair of shoes, a belt, shower gel and deodorant and a towel in the office so I can get changed.
  • Before leaving I’ll change back into my running gear, hang up my suit etc and pack my shirt and tie in my rucksack.
  • I did my first run back this evening and it took me just over 20 minutes, which is not a lot different to the time it takes me on the tube.  The hardest thing about running through London is there are people literally everywhere, plus taxis, cars and bikes to watch out for, not to mention sliced tomatoes and banana skins on the floor.

Now I’m on the train heading home, I have a trusty banana to replace some energy.  I think I’ll start bringing a small bottle of water with me too to rehydrate.

If this plan works, then I’ll be saving £100 / month on tube travel and fitting in 40km of running a week with no extra time required, albeit in short stretches, but it means I can do some speed work and occasionally take a longer route in the morning to work up to the 10km mark which is mainly what I’m racing this year.

More to follow as I get in to it!


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