Run Commuting – Week 3

Palace-of-WestminsterSo three weeks ago I started running to work (well the part of the journey that I can run).  The first week went well, I managed three days in a row running one way.  Week two wasn’t so successful as I had a head cold coming on and decided to take it easy, but once that cleared I managed 4 days of training over the Easter weekend and enjoying running this week.


I’ve certainly learnt to listen to my body and take a break when I need it but also to push where I can to get a run in, it’s helped a lot either wind down from a busy day or start my off in the right frame of mind.  I enjoy the satisfaction of adding each run to my calendar and seeing them stack up, but if I’m feeling ill or overly tired I try and take a break to avoid overdoing it.


My diet has improved drastically in the last 4 weeks mainly through a determined effort and not wanting to make up for tiredness or additional hunger from the training with fatty / sugary snacks.  I’m eating 4 or 5 pieces of fruit a day, slow release energy breakfasts (porridge mainly) and salads at lunch time, with a reasonable meal in the evening but trying to avoid too many chocolates and biscuits.  I’m also drinking a lot more water whilst sat at my desk which is preventing a lot of headaches and tiredness.


I’ve not been doing so well here.  My alarm is going off at 5:45am so I have some time for reflection before the day starts, and a decent cup of black coffee to get the engine going.  But I’m not settling down until nearly 11:30pm.  Since September I’ve been using a FitBit Flex to monitor my sleep patterns, and on average a decent night for me is just shy of 7 hours, so I’m hitting about 6 hrs 30 at the moment, and by 9:30pm most evenings I’m flagging.  The added training load will be a factor in that, which I’ll get used to, but I need to watch out for getting overly tired and worn down.

On the subject of sleep I’m trying to cut out any caffeine after midday and not using my phone or iPad in bed before I go to sleep.  I’m sleeping heavily again and although waking up is a bit of a challenge I’ve not slept through any alarms yet.

Onwards and upwards!  We’ll see if this pays off, I’m running a 10k in two weeks’ time!


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