Flitwick 10k Race Report

My second 10k of the season was the Flitwick 10k, a very well organised event with over 700 runners.IMG_4781


I’ve just been on a week’s holiday to Centre Parcs so I had an active week but not overly stressful and not a lot of specific running.  At the start of the week I cycled the 20 miles to get there and eased off to let my legs recover.  My last 10k I finished in 54 minutes but overheated and got a terrible stitch after 6k which left me walking for a minute or two and rather spoiled the race.

The Course

All on roads but with so many runners there wasn’t a problem with traffic.  Quite a few flat sections and then towards the end undulating terrain with one of two sharpish hills just to take it out of your legs 🙂


I’m chasing a sub-50 10k this year so I’d planned to take it easy on the first 2-3 kilometres at say 5;10/km, then for the bulk of the distance hit 5 min/km and see what I had left in the tank at the end.  This didn’t quite work out and by half way I knew I couldn’t get sub-50, so I stuck side-by-side with another runner who was pacing just off 5 min/km and the tail end of the last km I put my foot down and made it over the line in 51:23, a good two and a half minutes off my last race and a new PB, so I was very pleased.


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