New Year, New Goals

2016Reflecting on 2015 it was a good year with a return to racing, breaking 50 minutes on a 10k and adjusting to open water swimming (brrr).

In summary:

Looking ahead to this year I decided it was time to take on the marathon again.  After two attempts in London (2007 and 2012), both ending in 5hr+ times due to over heating, I failed again to get a place so on May 2nd I’ll be racing in the Milton Keynes Marathon, a relatively flat and fast course that’s not too far from home.

After that I’ve also signed up for the Olympic Distance at the London Triathlon.  Other events still to be confirmed but for now it’s the start of my 16-week marathon training programme, which means lots of running!  To keep my hand in I’m trying to make sure I get a turbo session and a swim in once a week, which also helps as some cross-training to save my legs from getting battered.



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