2016 is behind, bring on 2017!

So it appears I had little success at reporting on my races in 2016.  The year started well – January and February were consistent training months.  I managed to fit in a number of good races as we prepared for the arrival of Baby Huggill in the summer, and the latter part of the year was spent recovering from a trapped nerve in my back.

Here’s how I got on in 2016:

  • Milton Keynes Marathon – overheating and set off with too quick a pace group.  I covered the first 13 miles just under 2 hours but was already falling apart and dragged myself over the finish line in 5:03.  Not finished with the marathon distance yet!
  • May – HSV Sprint Tri (1:20:18 with a pool swim)
  • May – Herts Olympic Tri (my first Olympic distance, lake swim, 2:59:12)
  • June – Dambusters Olympic Tri (2:59:57)
  • August – London Triathlon – had to skip at the last minute as my wife was starting to go into labour!
  • Late August – Herts Sprint Tri (not a lot of sleep with a newborn, so only the sprint, lake swim, 1:33:33)
  • September – HSV Sprint Tri (1:23:40 with a pool swim)

Looking ahead…2017

So the New Year has started now and I’ve pulled together my target races, skipping the marathon this year as we are due to be moving house right through the training block and I don’t think the two are going to mix!

The big move is a step up to the Middle Distance triathlon.  My focus over the next 6 months is consistent training blocks, avoiding attempting to overdo it and burning out, and including a combination of strength training, stretching, speed work on my running and some coaching on my swim to get my pace up.


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